Popular Gay Activities in 2021: Best Countries to Visit

During the lockdown, people were very hungry for new countries and new experiences. Therefore, with the end of the lockdown, gay tourism will become the most popular entertainment for sexual minorities in 2021. Nowadays, developed countries still have different attitudes towards LGBT rights. In Poland, for example, there has been a frightening rollback into the past. Other countries protect and support all of their citizens, regardless of orientation. We have compiled a list of the best countries for gay activities.



Despite the strong role of the Catholic Church in public life, Spain remains one of the most open nations in entire Europe. Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005 (Spaniards were among the first in the world to do this), and civil unions have been allowed here since the 90s.

In addition to marriages, Spain has a warm sun and absolutely magical cities. Barcelona offers famous gay resorts such as Axel with its trendy sky-bar and a port for numerous Mediterranean gay cruises. Madrid has a vibrant queer scene and an annual big pride. And if the mainland hasn’t enough entertainment for you, then there are also the Canary Islands, where Spanish laws also reign. A real tropical paradise for LGBT people.


Most of the Central and South American territory isn’t particularly gay-friendly. Uruguay, however, is actively promoting LGBT equality and is, therefore, becoming an attractive destination for Doublelist Las Vegas communities.

Since 2013, same-sex marriage has been legalized in the country and anti-discrimination laws are in force. LGBT people are also allowed to adopt children and serve in the military. Uruguay even protects trans people: they can change their names and gender on official documents.

The country’s capital city — Montevideo — may seem like a small town, but don’t let the size fool you. The city has numerous gay bars and themed events. Chains Pub is a popular queer bar and Il Tempo is considered the main LGBT club in the city.


Have you watched Queer as Folk? It was filmed entirely in Toronto, and the authors used the local Church Street as the street of LGBT bars. And Toronto isn’t the only known gay city in Canada. Vancouver and Montreal are also known for their thriving LGBT communities. They have a developed gay scene, and every year there are crowded parades.


Canada legalized same-sex relationships back in 1969, and marriage has been legal since 2005. You’ll even discover gay communities in small towns like Ottawa and find pride parades in every city from Saskatoon to Thunder Bay and Windsor.


Fashion, wine, luxury cities, rich culture, and of course, the French Riviera. Do you need other reasons to pack your suitcase? Aside from the sights and culture, the country is also considered one of the most LGBT-friendly places on Earth. Marriage and adoption are legal, rights reserved, and there are many anti-discrimination laws. Besides, major cities such as Paris have LGBTQ cinemas, bookstores, bars, and cafés.

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