5 Tips for Those Who Want to Visit the Party Room

How to behave at a party depends largely on the format of the event. Hanging out in a bar or club is, of course, different from a private party at a party room organized by your new acquaintances, boyfriend, swing gay couple, or friends. Let’s discuss the second format — closed parties, where people come by invitation.


It’s a Closed Party

You cannot visit it by asking or find information about the party somewhere. You can only be invited there. What if you aren’t invited, but you want to go? So, you need to expand your gay dating circle.

Show Yourself

If you don’t know each other in real life, then you may be asked to send a photo of your face or torso, perhaps even with a date. At a gay party in the party room, the last thing you want is to see someone who shouldn’t be there.

The Party Room Already Has Everything You Need

Condoms, lubricants, drinks, food, everything in the world should already be there.

Taking off Clothes

When everyone starts to undress, no one will force you to do it. After all, no one knows whether you are active or passive.

What is Happening?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s going on in the party room. Especially when you are drunk. So, have no worries. The people are just having fun.


New Faces

If you want to get acquainted with a guy who seemed interesting to you or could become a “useful contact” for you, start a dialogue around something in common between you: “You have good taste — it is my favorite cocktail.” You can also point to an indirect acquaintance: “We participated with you in gay pnp cam six months ago.” An option like “I follow you on Instagram, your posts are very witty” will be doubly successful. 


What to Do During an Awkward Pause?

Stock up on short exciting stories from life and prepare universal jokes. If you see that the party is losing its purpose, take the initiative: start an interesting topic or offer to play some appropriate sexy game.


Is Mood Important?

When going to a party room, leave a bad mood, irritation, and a bunch of personal problems at home. Cheerfulness, sincere pleasure from communicating with people, and enjoying the event — that’s what will make you attractive. Being a “touch-me-not” or “important person” isn’t going to work. Don’t worry that someone may not like you, be friendly, and you will most likely be reciprocated. Don’t hide in a dark corner, take action!

If you have been invited to a party room for a themed party and the chosen theme seems uninteresting or even silly to you, it’s better to spend the evening elsewhere. But if you are open to everything new, then it is a great opportunity to do something extraordinary.

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