5 Basic Rules for Visiting a Gay Party

To have a lot of sex — this is the dream of many people. With a loved one or with other people without commitment. For some, relationships are essential, for others — diversity plays a crucial role. If you prefer the latter and are ready to meet strangers, read the following rules of behavior at a gay party.

Opportunity — Yes, Obligation — No

This is the motto of any normal gay club. This means that you can do whatever you want, but no sniffies review can force you to do anything. And you shouldn’t do what you don’t like. If someone approaches you who you don’t like or unpleasantly touches you, you shouldn’t be afraid to refuse. Walking away, looking away, saying something, and even pushing away easily is normal. Of course, do it as tactfully as possible. Club visitors should accept the rejection without hesitation. You must do the same if you are refused.


If You Want Sex — Be Clean

If you dream of the perfect sex game, always watch your hygiene:


  • Whether to leave pubic hair is a matter of taste. But anyone who smells unpleasant shouldn’t be surprised if the level of demand for him at a gay party is zero.
  • A shower, towels, or bathrobes, if available, are recommended before you find yourself in the company of the club’s visitors.
  • Anyone who wants to kiss should take care of fresh breath, regardless of whose lips they are in contact with. Mint candies can easily fit in any pocket.
  • Short nails may not be as attractive as long ones, but for a sex game, the first ones are better. You don’t want to scratch your partner, right?


Safe Sex Only

Condoms are a must at every gay party. The danger lies not only in the transmission of HIV, syphilis, or hepatitis B. Other infections, such as HPV viruses or chlamydia, are not only transmitted sexually but also through oral sex or the sharing of sex toys. Therefore, you should use latex wipes or sex toys covered with a condom. Thorough cleaning after use is the rule that all party visitors must adhere to.


Pay Attention to the Dress Code

Every gay club usually has a dress code. Anyone wearing a suit or evening dress can enter the establishment without restrictions. But there, he must be naked, in underwear, in a dressing gown or erotic clothes prescribed by the rules. Staying outside to watch others isn’t a good plan. Speaking of observation, in most cases, it’s okay in gay clubs or at gay parties to show your body and look at the bodies of others.


Alcohol and Food

Drinking for courage isn’t a good idea. You can drink alcohol in a very moderate amount. Many gay clubs offer a self-service buffet because you need to have the strength for sex. This is a very good place for first contacts. Visitors eat in designated areas. This helps prevent crumbs from getting into play areas.

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